Meet Your Hosts:


Wendolynne Perez is a 26 year old activist. She is Quechua from Peru. She/her pronouns. She was born in Lima Peru, but was mainly raised in South Florida. Born in a very Christian home, her indignity and her family's indignity was very suppressed. But, not in her family's stories. She grew up learning about duendes, la llorona, el chupacabra, mountain and water spirits; and the ghouls that roam the night. Her country and her family's converted religion did much to suppress her indigenous background, and as the world turned deadlier in Latin America her family migrated to South Florida. Currently Wendy has been learning to weave, sew, and re-learn her native language.  Wendy's fight to reclaim her ancestry, sparked in her the fight to voice out her and others indigenous struggles stuck in the dichotomy of being an immigrant yet indigenous. 


Paulino Mejia is a 24 year old artist and a member of the Maya Ch'ort'i culture of El Salvador. They use they/them pronouns and identify as two-spirit. They were born and raised in South Florida. Their father made sure they had the best connection to their culture that they could possibly have, although growin up in the diaspora of Mayas in the U.S. This included stories of spirits, wizards, demons, and the many other supernatural beings that live in the rainforest their father grew up in. Not to mention the countless murders stories of wartime or genocide. These stories sparked a lifelong interest in the spirits and in finding out the truth behind injustices inflicted on native marginalized people. Currently Paulino is focused on their art, mostly beadwork and ceramic, which is inspired by their ancestors' legacy and their own experience as a modern Maya. They would like to honor the Seminole Tribe whose land they grew up on, the Tequesta people who inhabited it first, and their own Grandfathers for guiding them in this life. Ch'ajb'eyx.