Grab your Tobacco,
Light Your Sage,
It is time for a...
wounded tale

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when our beading and sewing sessions were just excuses for us to meet to talk about our obsession with true crime and spirit stories.  We ended up getting behind on commissions and that ain't cute,  so....

Wounded: A Native True Crime Podcast was born. 

We wanted to create a platform where we can spill the truth on spirit stories, dissect unsolved native crimes and murders, share with you ghoulish histories, and give you that knowledge on all things that go bump at night. 

And when we say Native, we mean
ALL NATIVE PEOPLE. Our podcast is not limited by man-made borders and since we are two natives from Central & South America we want to speak on native/indigenous people from all over the Earth. 

But, be warned fellow
 TRICKSTERS, we are not responsible for the creatures or spirits that might be invited to your home and so grab your tobacco, light your sage as we speak their names and tell you their WOUNDED TALES .